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Robert A. Miller to Receive NAIFA’s Terry Headley Lifetime Defender Award

By NAIFA on 10/18/22 10:14 AM

NAIFA is proud to announce that Robert A. Miller, M.S., M.A., Partner at Miller-Pomerantz Insurance and Financial Services in New York City, is the recipient of NAIFA’s Terry Headley Lifetime Defender Award.

Miller, a loyal member since 1983, was NAIFA’s national President for the 2011-2012 term. He had previously served as President of the NAIFA-New York state chapter and NAIFA-New York City. He was elected to the NAIFA Board of Trustees in 2005 and has served as trustee liaison to the CEO Outreach Program, the Young Advisor Team, and the Corporate Partnerships Program. He also served as chair of the NAIFA Governance Committee and was a member of the NAIFA Finance Committee.

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Taxation Needs Representation

By NAIFA-New York on 11/9/21 5:06 PM

Tax Increases Cloud the Horizon

As an insurance and financial professional, you and your clients face unprecedented legislative and regulatory threats. Both state and federal lawmakers seek revenue to cover trillions of dollars of COVID-19 relief measures, infrastructure projects, and other programs. All of this spending will add to a colossal government debt. Who’s going to pay for all of this? It would be foolishly naïve to think lawmakers will ignore our industry and the products and services vital to the financial security of American consumers. They are looking at us, and we need to be ready. Taxation needs representation!

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U.S Congressman, Tom Suozzi, talks about the American Long Term Care Crisis with Neil Himmelstein

By NAIFA-New York on 10/18/21 1:56 PM

The U.S. Government will not be able to support Medicaid for much longer due to the increased demand for long-term care.

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