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Volunteer Opportunities


Assist with Registration | Est. 4 hrs yearly

Welcome Attendees at Events | Est. 4 hrs yearly

Help Organize an Industry Program | Est. 10 hrs yearly

Introduce a Speaker | Est. 0.25 hrs yearly

Write a short blog about your recent event | Est. 2 hrs yearly

Take pictures at events | Est. 4 hrs yearly


Sharing on Social Media | Est. 2 hrs monthly

Liking Stories and Photos | Est. 1 hr yearly

Proofreading Key Communications | Est. 1 hr yearly

Update CE Courses | Est. 1 hr monthly

Post Photos from Events | Est. 1.25 hrs weekly




Send legislative thank you letter | Est. 1 hr monthly

Visiting, writing, or calling policymakers during political action campaigns | Est. 1 hr yearly

Participate in a PAC phone a thon | Est. 1 hr yearly

Testify before a regulatory/legislative body | Est. 2 hrs yearly




Identify prospective members | Est. 1 hr monthly

Represent the profession at a student event | Est. 1 hr yearly

Welcome new members | Est. 1 hr monthly

Contact agency manager to schedule presentation | Est. 2 hrs yearly

Follow up with lapsed members | Est. 1 hrs monthly